PhD Scholarship

Dear Colleagues,

could you pass this information on to potential PhD students who may
consider applying to University of Ljubljana:

The research program “Algebra in Operator Theory and Financial
Mathematics” at the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics,
Ljubljana, Slovenia, is offering funding for a student to undertake PhD
research in one of the following areas:

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Học bổng PhD Toán học tính toán tại Áo

The Vienna Graduate School in Computational Optimization offers Pre-Doc contracts for PhD candidates in different areas of optimization such as Combinatorial Optimization, Global Optimization, Heuristic Optimization, Nonlinear Optimization, Stochastic Optimization, Dynamic Optimization, Algorithmic Game Theory, Optimization for intelligent Data Analysis, Nonsmooth Optimization.

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BGSMath Doctoral open call 2016-2019

The Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics opens a call for 4 Ph.D. three-year positions in all areas of mathematics and its applications.

Candidates must have a Master’s degree or equivalent at the time of incorporation. In order to be eligible, a letter is required from a member of the BGSMath Faculty expressing a decided interest in acting as supervisor of the candidate’s Ph.D. thesis.

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Học bổng Tiến sỹ ĐH Roma (Italia) Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Rome is home to a large and very active mathematical community, with researchers involved in an impressive range of fields in Pure and Applied Mathematics. The Mathematics departments in the three universities, Rome 1, Rome 2 and Rome 3, decided to join forces and to offer Ph.D. programs in Mathematics that, while distinct, are nevertheless thought of in a unified way.

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