Seminar Bộ môn Giải tích ngày 11/12/2015

Thời gian: 9h00 thứ 6 ngày 11/12/2015.

Địa điểm: P409 T3, Trường ĐH KHTN.

Báo cáo viên: TS. Nguyễn Trường Thanh (ĐH Mỏ - Địa chất).

Tên báo cáo: Asymptotical stability of linear fractional order differential equations.

Tóm tắt báo cáo: In this research, we introduce the most common definitions named after Riemann-Liouville and Caputo. Then, a result of linear fractional order differential equations for stability which is shown similar to that of classical integer-order differential equations. However, not all of the stability conditions are parallel to the corresponding classical integer-order differential equations because of non-locality and weak singularities of fractional calculus.