Mini workshop Khoa Toán-Cơ-Tin học

Thời gian: 
T2, 18/12/2017 - 15:00
Địa điểm: 
408 T3
Người báo cáo: 
Professor Tianling Jin (HKUST)
Tên báo cáo: 
Regularity of some second order PDEs
Nội dung: 

We will first recall some classical regularity results for second order fully nonlinear elliptic equations, as well as (degenerate elliptic) p-Laplacian equations in divergence form. Then we will introduce the p-Laplacian equation in non-divergence form, which arises from tug-of-war-like stochastic games with noise. We will prove interior Holder estimates for the spatial gradient of viscosity solutions to such parabolic equations.