Higher order Sobolev trace inequalities on balls revisited

Tiêu đềHigher order Sobolev trace inequalities on balls revisited
Loại công bốJournal Article
Năm xuất bản2020
Tác giảNgô, QAnh, Nguyen, VHoang, Phan, QHung
Tạp chíJournal of Functional Analysis
Thể tích278
Từ khóaBeckner inequality, Gaussian hypergeometric function, Higher order fractional Laplacian, Lebedev–Milin inequality, Sobolev trace inequality
Tóm tắt

Inspired by a recent sharp Sobolev trace inequality of order four on the balls Bn+1 found by Ache and Chang (2017) [2], we propose a different approach to reprove Ache–Chang's trace inequality. To further illustrate this approach, we reprove the classical Sobolev trace inequality of order two on Bn+1 and provide sharp Sobolev trace inequalities of orders six and eight on Bn+1. To obtain all these inequalities up to order eight, and possibly more, we first establish higher order sharp Sobolev trace inequalities on R+n+1, then directly transferring them to the ball via a conformal change. As the limiting case of the Sobolev trace inequalities, Lebedev–Milin type inequalities of order up to eight are also considered.